Expert Witness Medical Reports

Dr Thomas Millard



01453 835521


Dr Millard has 7 years’ experience in writing expert witness medical reports, mainly for the civil and family courts,  but also criminal and coroner’s courts.


Over the last 3 years he has been instructed by the claimant (27%), defendant (29%), coroner (2%), NHS (4%) and as a single joint expert in 38% of cases.


He obtained the Cardiff University Law School Expert Witness Certificate (Civil) in 2018.


Dr Millard has given evidence under cross examination both in person and virtually, especially in family, criminal and coroner’s cases which tend to go to court.


He is a general dermatologist, practicing both on the NHS and in private practice, with a case mix of skin cancer, inflammatory skin disease and children’s dermatology, although he is not a career paediatric dermatologist. He does not have expertise in cosmetic dermatology.